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Mishkan T'filah has something for every one of us. For those who are interested in more Hebrew, it is there! But for those who prefer an explanatory service, Mishkan T'filah is perfect. First, the font is larger than what we have had so far.


Every page shows, on its margins, the sequence of the prayers with the prayer actually being read highlighted. This allows us to follow the structure of the service in a much easier manner.


On the bottom of every page, there are footnotes which explain and interpret both the liturgy and the body movements associated with the different prayers.


All the prayers in the siddur are shown in Hebrew, in transliteration, and translated. You may choose to read the Hebrew version, follow the Hebrew reading in English letters, or read the translations.


The alternative readings presented are sometimes philosophical, sometimes poetic. They touch upon different themes that are important for contemporary Reform Judaism: social justice, Zionism, feminism, and the challenges of all human beings.